Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti - D-7020 Official Position

The following is the official position of District 7020 in reaction to the recent Cholera Outbreak in Haiti.

This message comes from the following:

-- District 7020 DG Diana White (dianawhite.7020@gmail.com)
-- Haiti Task Force Liaison PDG Dick McCombe (rmccombe@gussiemae.org)
-- District 7020 Disaster Chair – Felix Stubbs (fstubbs@bs.ibm.com)

Our primary focus is education.

-- Haiti clubs are conducting local media campaigns with the use of educational pamphlets and roving vehicles with megaphones.
-- They are advising how to take sanitary preventive precautions
-- They are advising where to go in the event that persons are sick.

Education is a critical service and is one that can be managed by any and all clubs who are willing to do so.

Clubs within Haiti. All clubs who engage in this campaign may require financial assistance and the District is poised to provide the assistance when costs are submitted in accordance with our routine requests.

Clubs outside of Haiti. Clubs outside of Haiti who wish to assist with this campaign can remit funds to District 7020 (for the Haiti Relief Account) – details are below.

-- We believe the Government of Haiti and the World Health Organisation are the primary agencies who are responsible for the provision of medical supplies and medications for afflicted areas.

-- We have been advised by Dr. Claude Surena, our Disaster Chair in Haiti, that if Rotary wishes to provide supplies, the most practical assistance is to ship disinfectant and/or hand sanitiser. This should be consigned to Dr. Claude Surena, Ministry of Public Health, ROTAH.

We thank you for the concern of clubs in the District – as always the family of District 7020 works together.


US$ payments by wire transfer - Send to:

Wachovia Bank, New York
ABA Code: 026005092
For credit to:
First Caribbean International Bank (Cayman) Limited
Account Number: 2000192002655
For further credit to:
Rotary International District 7020
Account Number 3481106
Reference: “Haiti Earthquake Relief”

Donors should be asked to kindly send e-mail advice of transfer to PDG Richard W. Harris (rwh@candw.ky) and state name and email address of any other intended recipient.


US$ payment by bank draft or Cheque (check):

-- Mailed payment must be an official Bank Draft on a US clearing bank or a cheque drawn on a US domestic bank.
-- (US$ denominated cheques drawn on a bank outside of the continental USA are discouraged as they may be difficult to negotiate.)

Mail to:

Richard W. Harris
Rotary International District 7020
P. O. Box 557
Grand Cayman KY1-1502