Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Haiti Earthquake Anniversary - January 12, 2011

One year anniversary

On the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I would ask all Rotarians to take a moment today and remember the horrific incident and those who were affected through loss of life, limb or loss of a relative or friend.

Our Rotarian friends in Haiti were all thrown into a whirlwind of response with which they have done an outstanding job! They have helped others, even though they are also victims. They help their communities, even though their families also need help.

They were hit by the earthquake, then Cholera, then Hurricane Tomas, and now the election results. And yet they stay steady in working on helping others to handle all these difficulties. They make me proud to be a Rotarian!

Let us all take another moment to publicly say Thank You, Tip our Hat, Raise our Glass, Salute and generally recognize the substantive effort they are making to make our world a better place.

Thank you.

Barry Rassin, PRID
District 7020