Saturday, April 2, 2011

DAF Updates at March, 2011

The latest project updates can be viewed by clicking on the link (#6) at the right side of this screen. All project files are posted individually in PDF format.

(The graphic here shows you the link to click.)

You can also click this link below:

Click here: DAF updates at March, 2011

At March 27, 117 projects have been considered.

* 117 Projects have been considered
* 62 have been approved with funding
* 7 have been approved that we are seeking funding for
* 10 have been approved without funding
* 5 were rejected
* 6 have been withdrawn
* 27 are pending further information
* 6 are complete

The DAF may have approved and agreed to funding but would still greatly appreciate partner clubs or districts assisting in any of the projects.

In that way our money can be spread further to help more people. Note on each page for each DAF there is a note on the bottom of the page that states if we are still in need of funds.