Earthquake Relief Account Guidelines - D-7020

Haiti Earthquake Relief Account Guidelines - District 7020

How it will work:

1. PRID Barry Rassin and PDG Dick McCombe will recommend projects for which to use the money in the District 7020 Haiti Earthquake Relief Account.

2. DG Errol Alberga, DGE Diana White, and PDG Richard Harris will serve as the committee to approve all requests from this account.

3. PDG Richard Harris and PDG Bobby Bodden are currently signatories on the account and PDG Richard Harris will add PDG Alastair Paterson to the account as a signatory to ensure ability to get checks signed on a timely basis.

All disbursements will need PDG Richard Harris and one of the other two signatures.

4. The Haiti Task Force will be asked to comment on the requests submitted and will be expected to respond to email requests within two weeks.

5. We will not have a fixed concept of what kind of projects will work or how to spend the money. We will keep an open mind as to the possibilities, as long as they will be of benefit to those impacted by the earthquake in Haiti.

6. The DAF Project Request Form will be used as the application to request funds from the District 7020 Haiti Earthquake Relief Account.