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January 22, 2010 - Haiti Action Summary

Haiti Update January 22, 2010
...written and distributed by PDG Dick McCombe

I am late and not sure where to start today. Yesterday was enormously successful just like the last ones. It's just getting more difficult to remember and report on what all has happened because so much has happened.

Let me begin by again thanking Rotarians around the world for the incredible support and the trust they have imparted in the rest of the people who have supported us. A special thanks to our District and Zones 33 and 34. They are doing so much, and in most instances, it goes unreported because it just gets done.

I met with the Red Cross in the Bahamas yesterday, and we are trying to coordinate the shipping of their donated "stuff" with ours. Our warehouse is now full of folding beds, mattresses, blankets, cushions, food, clothing and the like. If we do not source a local vessel in the next day or so, we will trans-ship through the US.

We have a Haitien Rotarian who can handle the clearing and receiving of the goods and will distribute to where we want.

My classmate, Phil Lustig, and Larry Labadie have shipped great quantities of supplies to us through Missionary Flights International, and are working with us to coordinate the filling of volunteer flights that are coming down.

Yesterday, a friend of ours (Corky) from Normans Cay Exumas flew from his home in Kentucky with a friend in another plane to spend a week airlifting for us. They were filled with medical supplies in Vero Beach, and will offload in Pignon tomorrow.

There are 35 Orthopedic surgeons on standby to come from Kansas. We are trying to coordinate that around the need, the supplies, and the transportation. At this point the pressure on the surgical team has stopped growing, but still is beyond the capacity we have down there.

I was very excited to here from my good friend, Nessim, yesterday. There is limited fuel now, and he can get around and run his generator to send emails, etc., sparingly. He is still sleeping in his car, so my compassion goes out to Nessim, Marine, and his son.

The Shelter Boxes got delivered to Carrefour and Leogane yesterday. Things are starting to move with our on-the-ground Rotarians as they get settled into the situation. God Bless them!

We delivered an X-Ray machine in Port de Paix yesterday, and 2 doctors to Pignon. They are being transported into PaP to Claude’s house today by Caleb.

We have a big shipment donated to the Albert Switzer Hospital which we are coordinating the delivery of into Nassau, and then by ground to HAS. Not sure of the exact arrival time but keep you all posted.

We have a couple of Dialysis machine offers that we are coordinating. I am waiting n Dr. Claude Surena’s advice as to where they need to go.

We have a doctor inbound from Cayman on Sunday to help. He will come through Nassau late Sunday night.

I urgently need an Autoclave and a Dermatome. The Autoclave is the tool- sterilization piece of equipment, and the Dermatome is used to lift the skin for the skin grafting. Can anyone help with this?

As the relief machine continues to move in country, we are beginning to be more focused on our Rotary Communities as we develop a longer-term strategy. I posted some thoughts for you which Michael Terrelonge will post to the blog. I look forward to your comments on the blog.

Going forward, I will begin to report every couple of days or as developments require.

PDG Dick

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