Thursday, May 26, 2011



Nassau, Bahamas – For immediate release as of May 26, 2011

Rotary continues to help rebuild Haiti after the devastating Earthquake of January 2010 killed more than 300,000 people and left over one million displaced. To highlight Rotary’s work and to bring attention for a request for donations, a 30-second public service announcement (PSA) will be aired in 6 countries in District 7020. The countries will include

(1)The Bahamas
(2)The British Virgin Islands
(3)Cayman Islands
(4)US Virgin Islands
(5)St. Martin and

The English television and the English, French and Creole radio announcements will be on the air starting the third week in May 2011.

The PSA can be viewed on YouTube or by typing into the search box on You Tube: “Rotary Haiti Earthquake Relief Funds Announcement.”

Proudly, The Bahamas Fund, The District Fund in Cayman, and the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund -- a donor-advised fund set up within the Rotary Foundation -- are all making great strides. Vital short- to medium-term projects are underway, relating to children. The projects focus on (1) getting thousands of kids back in school and (2) Rotary’s Jaipur Limb project to assist 4,000 amputees affected by the earthquake.

Sixty-nine donor projects have been approved with funding, 10 have been approved without funding, and 4 projects are completed.

Just a few of those projects include:

-- the building of approximately 50 schools
-- the erecting of 3 buildings for the Jaipur Limb project where the prostheses will be made
-- providing school supplies to thousands of kids
-- purchasing a generator for a kitchen that serves 8,000 meals a day
-- supplying aqua-pure tablets to help thousands prevent the deadly Cholera epidemic from spreading.

More information on these and other Donor Advised Fund projects can be found at

Because of the generosity and hard work of Rotary and their communities, hundreds of thousands of lives in Haiti have benefited from the $5 million raised for these Funds. The 19 Rotary Clubs in Haiti, their fellow Rotarians in District 7020, and Rotary International extend a Thank You to all those who have assisted and who continue to give their support.

We are currently seeking to raise another $1 million, and Rotary needs your help. If you would like to contribute to the Haiti Hurricane Relief Funds, please contact one of the local Rotary Clubs or visit

CREDITS FOR THE PSA: This Rotary Public Relations Public Service Announcement (PSA) for Rotary’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Funds efforts was made possible by a public relations (PR) Grant from Rotary International along with contributions from District 7020, whose District Governor is Diana White (2010-2011).

Several Rotarians came together to make this PSA a reality - beginning with Delma Maduro, PR Chair for District 7020, and her committee who were successful in securing the Rotary International PR Grant.

-- Rotarian Burton Wallace of The Movi Group in Nassau, Bahamas produced the PSA for a minimal cost and
-- Assistant District Governor for The Bahamas, Charles Sealy II, lent his voice for the English version.
-- Rotarian Azaleta Ishmael-Newry, PR Chair for The Bahamas researched, wrote and coordinated the script and materials and acknowledges the assistance of PRID, Barry Rassin, for his valuable information.

Rotarians in Haiti, Past President Roger White, as well as Paul Aranha of The Bahamas, contributed photos.

The District 7020 PR Committee includes: Delma Maduro, British Virgin Islands; Azaleta Ishmael-Newry, Bahamas; AG Ruth Palmer, Jamaica; J.D. Mosley-Matchett, Cayman Islands; Lawrence Benjamin, U.S. Virgin Islands; and Rebecca Low and Maria Buncamper-Molanus, both of St. Maarten.

First photo - Shown at left are Rotarians in Haiti in early 2010 with the former PM of Haiti, Jean-Max Bellerive, His Excellency, Louis Harold Joseph, former Ambassador for Haiti to The Bahamas, PRID Barry Rassin, PDG Richard McCombe and Rotarian Claude Serena, head of the Haitian Task Force. Photo by Paul Aranha.

Second photo - Rotary Donor Advised Fund Project #24- Latrines. Carrefour/Mon Repos. Provided 10 bacteriologic Latrines for a “tent city” at a cost of $23,142.

Third photo - Rotary Donor Advised Fund Project #1: Ecole Ste. Famille, Les Cayes. Rebuilding Six Classrooms has commenced / 300 students to benefit. / Total Cost is $122,391.92 /

The DAF has committed $50,000; District 7020 has committed $20,000 ; SOS has committed $20,000 ; Rotary Club of Montego Bay, Jamaica, has committed $10,000 ; Local Rotarians have committed $2,000; Still needed - $20,391.91.