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January 20, 2010 - Haiti Action Summary

Haiti Update January 20, 2010
...written and distributed by PDG Dick McCombe

Today (Actually yesterday) I had some challenges! Today was to be a lay day in the air as we had the Haiti ground team transporting supplies into PaP, thanks to Caleb and the Hosean Ministries' large Bus and someone’s truck. This got done, and all the Medical Supplies were delivered to Claude Surena in PaP.

Additionally a Shelter Box and supplies were also delivered to ADG Ted Lazarre who has been living in his car. Thanks Caleb for thatpersonal rescue mission!

We had two flights today from Nassau into Les Cayes, Haiti. Unfortunately, we had a mix-up with our flight partners and some of the stuff that went there was supposed to go to Pignon and Verrette. But we dropped it nevertheless and will make up the balances to get Pignon and Verrette sorted out in the next day or two as we acquire what is needed and or requested by them.

Les Cayes is in good shape with the exception of a few specific items which we are working on as well.

We have a team out of Florida, and another out of North Carolina, that are prepared to set up a surgical tent in the Hospital yard in Les Cayes. That is being organized today, and I should have an update on it in the next day or so.

St. Croix has a barge which is landing today,if all is as planned, in St. Marc full of 1200 cases of water and additional supplies bound for PaP. Tortola has also located an X-Ray machine and supplies, and they are on the way and should be in Port de Paix Friday.

We still need additional X-Ray machines. PDG Richard has located some from St. Croix connection, and we will organize them today. The Dialysis machines are also still needed.

Our Immediate Past Assistant Governor, Eves Martial, advised me that the team into Port de Paix was making great progress with the surgeries, and they are going to be needing some supplies soon. That’s on the top of the list for today.

Dr. Batsch from the Pignon hospital sent some pictures and some X-Rays to show the work they are doing as well, and as soon as I can I will get them posted to the site.

St. Croix has sent 1200 cases of water and additional supplies by Barge and are intended to land in St. Marc and be transhipped into PaP. I am following that and will advise how that goes.

I probably missed something but will add it to tonight’s info.

I’ll keep you posted.
PDG Dick

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